All rights reserved by Danah Heiser, 2020

I´m still here

I gave you all my heart

I gave you all I got

But all you gave to me 

Was all your painful love

Bare and without defense

I gave you everything

There was no give and take

You took it all away

You called it no big deal

You meant the world for me

You fooled me long enough

For your lack of love

I’m still here, honey don’t you know

That my life without you still goes on

I’m not dead, I still breath

Even if you’ll find it hard to believe


The gas you tried to light

All of our endless fights

You can no longer hide

All your malicious lies

Exploited and abused

I still trusted you

But your sick and selfish ways

Just offered me disgrace

your own insanity

Enjoyed my suffering

You watched me bleed and fall

But never cared at all

Well - I’m still here, honey don’t you know

That my party still goes on after our show

I’m not dead, I still breathe

Even if you find it hard to believe

I’m still here, I got up again

Now you can see you couldn’t break me in the end

I’m not dead I still breathe 

Even if you find it hard …

I’m still here …

Bad, bad girl                

You may have heard that I was vicious 

They may have told you I'm a freak 

Well that's just one part of the story

you do not know what they did to me

most of my life I've been ripped off,

Manipulated and deceived 

No matter whom I gave my heart to 

love-hate and abuse, was shown to me

Now I am a bad, bad girl In a mad, mad world

 So let me make it clear: nothing can scare me, dear

 I'm just a bad, bad girl In a sad, sad world

 If you can't face the truth 

Well I don't waste my time with you

I wouldn't say it is a pleasure.

 But in a strange way, it's a gift

 every single soul-scar that I'm wearing

 Carries beauty deep within

 I'm still alive and I'm still breathing

 My heart is still not made of stone 

If you don't love me, better leave me 

'cause then I'm better off alone

All I believed in

When silence speaks  and stillness roars  

When fire‘s heat Turns into cold  

What looks like light  must be the truth 

But it doesn‘t guide  Just tricks on you

When right seems wrong And wrong seems right 

Then you‘re provoked by truth to fight 

When all your doubts soon will confirm 

You‘re upside down Your world will turn 

Well there‘s a choice- that you could make

Would you give in - or die instead 

But then you’d carry to the grave

All you believed in, and yourself 

So while I'm throwing all  by myself

That humid soil upon my grave 

I realize the only way 

to come to life‘s to pass away

My favorite flowers - they will do

and one last song - will sing the truth

Well I can mourn here any time I need 

my old self now can rest in peace

There was that choice- I had to make 

Would I give in - or die instead 

Now I will carry to the grave 

All I believed in - and myself 


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